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                                                                                                   Illinois Location:  978 N. McLean Blvd. Elgin 60123                  847-742-1055                                       800-239-7274
                                                                                                   Nebraska Location:  8020 H. Street, Omaha 68127                  402-932-1424

Trusted over 30 years

Restored "Green-friendly Cartridges" to Office supplies

Repairing and Cleaning printers

Next Day Delivery

View our products or call 1-800-239-7274

Refurbished Printers

With 6 month warranty

With a standard set of LPC toner cartridges

Quailty printers @ Great Prices

Laser Pro's Green Program

• Laser Pro will reclaim your empty cartridges, including cardboard packaging. Recycling them into their remanufactured products."

• Laser Pro’s restored cartridges kept 50 tons of plastic and metal out of landfills last year, significantly reducing our carbon footprint."

Save Money and the Environment

"Green-friendly Cartridges" to Office supplies

View our products or call 1-800-239-7274


Take Advantage of Expert Printer Repair

Our company’s dedication to service remains the top priority today. As the digital world continues to expand, we see a growing need in the market for personal interaction. At Laser Pro Company, we believe that people matter, and business relationships founded on transparency, trust and honesty add exceptional value to the customer and differentiate ourselves from the competition. We invite you to try Laser Pro Company and move your supply sourcing to the next level.

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