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Industry-Approved Cleaning Products

LPC has assisted businesses in running efficiently and effectively! Let us outfit each space in your office with essential janitorial cleaning products! With hundreds of items in stock and access to thousands more. All available with free next-day delivery.

Here are some of the products LPC feature in our catalog:

Carpet Cleaners

Carpets, especially those in high-traffic areas, take a beating every day. Spilled soda, coffee, and other stains such as dirt and mud are also difficult to remove. Keep your carpets looking like new with our range of commercial-grade carpet cleaners. For more environmentally friendly products, we offer a non-toxic brand.

Hand Soaps and Sanitizers

Keep germs from spreading, for a healthier, more productive workforce. Stock up on hand soap to promote proper hygiene and maintain good health in your workplace. LPC features soap or sanitizer dispensers that can be mounted on the walls of your break rooms and restrooms.

Wastebaskets and Trash Bags

LPC feature trash bags and wastebaskets that let you dispose of everyday office trash with ease. If recycling is part of your company’s commitment to the environment, we also offer labeled bins to keep your recycling efforts manageable.

LPC caters to the sanitation needs of your business!View our catalog!

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cleaning - prod sectionss
cleaning - prod sectionsss
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